We will be having auditions sometime in the near future, so get ready to perform at your best.  We will be auditioning all skill levels.  We’ve had a lot of questions regarding that issue, so hopefully that clears things up for all of you.  The auditions will last for a minimum of several hours, although they could be longer than that if necessary.

Please bring your instrument, and whatever piece your are planning on performing.  Come prepared for your audition, and make the necessary preparations ahead of time.  Things will be moving quickly, and we won’t be able to wait for you if you aren’t ready to perform.  Expect the unexpected because things will be hectic because there will be quite a few musicians all waiting for their turn.

If you’re not perfect, please don’t worry.  We understand that there are nerves involved, and we don’t expect you to have a perfect performance.  Just do the best you can, and your talent will surely shine through.  We have been doing this for long enough to be able to spot talent, regardless of the circumstances.  By observing you for a short while, we will be able to get an accurate reading of your skill level.

You can set yourself up for success on audition day by showing up early and being organized.  These things will go a long way to presenting yourself in a professional manner.  Again, these small, seemingly insignificant things, can go a long way toward showing us how professional you can be.

We also recommend that you perform all your audicitton pieces as many times as possible before your actual audition.  The more times you practice, the better you will perform during your actual audition.  Like the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”

And don’t forget to have fun.  After all, this is obviously something you care about, so please try to remember to have some fun with all of it.