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Cleveland Institiute of Music

One of the most prestigious music schools in the world, CIM is known for it's amazing faculty, many of whom belong to the Cleveland Orchestra, it's great student orchestras, and it's very unique eurythmics program.

The Cleveland Institute of Music is the place to experience the energy of classical music! CIM is a leading international conservatory, with graduates who perform with the world's most acclaimed musical organizations, including 36 members of The Cleveland Orchestra.


Approximately 1,200 people apply for 150 new-student openings, of which 60-70 are for freshmen. 97% of entering freshmen graduate within four years, and retention is high with 95-100% of non-graduating students enrolling for continuing study.

Phone: (216) 791-5000

State or Province (do not use abbreviation): Ohio

City: Cleveland

Type of School: Conservatory

Degree Programs: Applied Instrumental/Voice, Composition, Music Theory

Degrees Offered: Bachelor in Performance, Masters in Performance, Doctorate, Performance Certificate, Artist Diploma

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Approximately 96% of students receive scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans

Faculty: Paul Schenly, Sergei Babayan, Judson Billings, Kathryn Brown, Emanuela Friscioni, Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Olga Radosavljevich, Sean Schulze, Ivan Zenaty, Stephen Rose, Joel Smirnoff, David Updegraff, Jeffrey Irvine, Sharon Robinson, Donald Better,

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