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San Francisco Conservatory of Music

As the oldest, major independent conservatory of music on the West Coast of the United States, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music offers a truly unique educational experience. Located since 2006 in a new $80 million facility in one of the world's premier cities, SFCM collegiate program combines a rigorous program of performance and study with an intimate atmosphere where students work closely with faculty and staff.

A school of just over 390 students, SFCM limits enrollment in order to ensure that every student receives considerable individual attention and performance opportunities. To us, a quality education in music means concentrated one-on-one instruction with our world-class faculty as well as classroom and ensemble enrollments of appropriate size.

The Office of Admission and the Collegiate Faculty work closely with prospective students and their families throughout the admission process. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact faculty and admissions representatives, to visit the new campus at Oak Street and, above all, to have fun during the admission process.
Phone: 415.503.6231

State or Province (do not use abbreviation): CA

City: San Francisco

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