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Potter Violin Company
Bow Repairs

Our highly experienced luthiers perform bowed string instrument repairs to exacting standards using the highest quality parts and time-tested techniques learned in the top violin making schools in the Country.


Our dedicated staff of professional instrument technicians use the same high quality bridges, strings and bow hair on all of our fine instruments. We can also advise you how to get the sound you are looking for out of your instrument. Just bring it in for a free inspection whenever you like.


Prices below subject to change without notice

Rehairing (incl. basic stick/metal cleaning)
Fractional Bows - Standard Rehair $50
Full-size Prof. Vn, Va, Ce $65
Full-size Prof. Bass (S&P $75) $70
Colored Hair - Standard Rehair $65
Hand Wound Grips:  
Gold (Mkt. Price)
Silver ($75)
Whalebone (imitation) $55
Nickel $45
French Tinsel $85
Natural Leather Thumbgrips: (Market Price)
Kangaroo (including material) $35
Lizard/Snake (including material) $35
Natural Butt Cover $65
Silver+plus parts ($100+)
Bow tips Faux Ivory Mammoth Ivory Plastic
Violin/viola $100 $150 $75
Cello $115 $160 $85
Bass $130 $170 $95
Misc. Repairs and Restorations:
Head Splice (5yr. warranty) $250
Re-glue cracks ($35)
Eyelet +plus parts ($25)+
Re-camber ($25)
Frog Repairs:  
Replacement Wood ($50)
Replacement Silver ($75)
Replacement Pearl Slide ($55)
Replacement Eyes:  
Parisian +plus parts $55+
Plain +plus parts $25+
Re-Bushing Split Ends ($150)
Insurance Evaluations $75-250
Insurance Appraisals* $75-250
Appraisal Update $50
Cert. of Identification $300
Cert. of Authenticity Please call
*Appraisals are done by appointment only.
All prices subject to change without notice. Not responsible for typographical errors. Parentheses () denote minimum prices.


Phone: 301.652.7070


State or Province: Maryland

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