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Hawthorne Wellness Center
Portland Oregon

Hawthorne Wellness Center offers a broad spectrum of integrated, evidence-based healthcare disciplines, as well as movement classes, to help our community get well, stay well, and be well.

In our interdisciplinary setting, individual patient needs are paramount and care is patient-centered. Our goal is to promote health and recovery from illness and injury by drawing on the collective knowledge and resources of our experienced healthcare providers. We offer a nurturing environment where all patients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own well-being in partnership with their physicians.

In the winter of 2005, after 20 years of operating in the Hawthorne neighborhood as Ancina Chiropractic Clinic at S.E. 34th and Hawthorne, we expanded our services and moved to a bright new facility. Our unique, multifaceted healthcare clinic blossomed as Hawthorne Wellness Center. Retaining the friendly, neighborhood character of the previous clinic, Hawthorne Wellness Center currently offers acupuncture, chiropractic care, family medicine, massage therapy, and naturopathic care. A studio behind the clinic houses some of the best movement instructors in Pilates, yoga, and tai chi in the Portland area. Free offstreet parking for both cars and bicycles is also available.

Enjoy a tour of our website to learn more about our services, providers, and classes. You can make or change an appointment by calling 503.235.5484. View our on-line class schedules here.


Taya Lindley, LAc, MTCM, Dipl. OM

Taya is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, where she received a bachelor's degree in psychology. She received her master's degree in traditional Chinese medicine from the Five Branches Institute, also in Santa Cruz. At Five Branches, she studied with and received clinical training under the esteemed Dr. Sharon Feng, a specialist in women's health in the fields of gynecology, fertility, and obstetrics. She continued her clinical training in Beijing, China, with the highly regarded Dr. Ju-Yi Wang.

Taya is an empathetic practitioner who takes time with her patients to build a relationship of trust and to work together as partners in the healing process. She has a broad knowledge of different systems of medicine and strongly believes in the importance of finding the best treatment available for any given condition. She is a proponent of integrative health care and frequently collaborates with other practitioners both within and outside of the Center.

Taya specializes in women's health, fertility, hormone, and menstrual problems. For many years, she has been successfully treating patients for back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain; tendonitis; fibromyalgia; arthritis; headache; and migraine. She also treats conditions such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, allergies, and asthma.

Taya enjoys Tai Chi, qigong, yoga, traveling, gardening, reading, and most of all, spending time with her husband and two young children.

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Al Downs, LAc

Al received his Master's degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbology at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. After graduation, he studied acupuncture and herbology, with a focus on internal medicine, in Hangzhou, China. Back in the states, Al trained extensively in Japanese acupuncture techniques at Bastyr University in Seattle, and has studied and practiced a direct but gentle approach to acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Portland since 1991.

In 1992, Al helped start the Immune Enhancement Program (IEP) with Subhuti Dharmananda. A not-for-profit clinic, IEP focuses on using Chinese medicine as a complementary treatment for chronic illnesses such as cancer, HIV, and multiple sclerosis. He currently serves as co-director of the IEP acupuncture clinic.

Al enjoys treating a diverse group of clients at the Hawthorne Wellness Center —children, elders, and all sorts of folks in between. He finds success using acupuncture for acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, allergies, stress reduction, and immune support. Al's warm, professional manner and expertise are reassuring to people seeking acupuncture treatment for the first time, and a pleasure for those who know and appreciate the benefits of this age-old treatment modality.

Pragmatic and collaborative, Al believes a team approach is most advantageous for maximum healing and recovery, and will recommend the most beneficial treatment plan for his clients. This may include massage, chiropractic, or the care of a specialist or physician practicing Western medicine.

Al lives in Southeast Portland with his wife, dog, and cat. An avid lover of everything Pacific Northwest, he and his wife enjoy bicycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, and traveling.

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Eva Hosseinion, LAc, MSOM, MD

Eva graduated from the classical Chinese medicine program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland. However, her path to becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine began in the Czech Republic, where she graduated from medical school. During post-graduate training in family medicine in the Portland area, she developed an interest in alternative approaches to health and healing.

Eva offers expertise in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and qigong. She is enthusiastic about treating a variety of conditions, such as mental and emotional imbalances, stress-related conditions, and insomnia; pain conditions including headaches, nerve pain, and musculoskeletal pain; women’s health issues, including symptoms of menopause, PMS, and painful menses; digestive issues; respiratory issues such as colds, asthma, and allergies; and cardiovascular issues such as hypertension and palpitations. She has a particular interest in treating children and trained in shonishin, a Japanese system of acupuncture developed specifically for pediatric patients, where no needles need puncture the skin.

Eva’s training in classical Chinese medicine allows her to take advantage of herbal formulas described in the founding texts of Chinese medicine. In her experience—and that of her teachers, Heiner Fruehauf, Haosheng Zhang, and Arnaud Versluys—using these safe and powerful herbal formulas facilitates the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases.

Eva also integrates the medical applications of qigong into her practice. She studied the therapeutic applications of tendon and meridian strengthening qigong, known as Jinjing gong, with local teachers as well as with the lineage holder of this tradition, Master Wang Qingyu in the Jiashan monastery in Hunan, China. In fact, Eva wrote her dissertation on the clinical applications of qigong. She is very excited about the opportunity to teach patients how to heal themselves with custom-tailored qigong prescriptions and with regular qigong classes at Hawthorne Wellness Center.

Eva enjoys spending time in the nature with her husband, Shahram, and her German Shepherd, Max. She also finds tranquility playing gu qin, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument.

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Chiropractic Physicians

Bruce Chaser, DC

Bruce completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Buffalo, where he earned bachelor degrees in psychology and sociology. He graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland in 1984 and one year later became an associate at Ancina Chiropractic Clinic on SE Hawthorne Boulevard at 34th. He subsequently purchased the practice and continued there until he took ownership of the former Harry's Mother building on SE Hawthorne near 39th and remodeled it to create Hawthorne Wellness Center in the fall of 2005. The new name and expanded focus highlight his dedication to providing integrated, holistic healthcare and movement for optimal wellbeing.

To balance his private practice, Bruce serves as chairman of the board of directors of The CHP Group (Complementary Healthcare Plans), a Portland-based complementary and alternative healthcare insurance company for which he also serves as an associate medical director. He also serves on the board of directors of the Portland Actors Conservatory, the premiere school for professional actor training in the Pacific Northwest.

Bruce draws on more than 27 years of experience and continued enthusiasm when caring for his patients, who include athletes, musicians, actors, gardeners, and various weekend warriors. Patients seek his care for acute and chronic conditions that often arise from overuse/repetitive stress injuries or muscular weakness/deconditioning. He also treats people who have been injured on the job or involved in auto, bicycle, or other accidents.

Bruce enjoys creating a partnership with his patients, encouraging them to share in taking responsibility for attaining and maintaining optimal health. He advises patients on exercises and lifestyle changes as appropriate and releases them from care once they reach maximum improvement. His most successful treatments involve patients he rarely sees—because they take his advice to heart.

He appreciates working with the other practitioners at Hawthorne Wellness Center when interdisciplinary treatment plans are called for. Over the years, he has also developed an extensive network of health care providers outside the Wellness Center, making and receiving referrals when appropriate.

Bruce is a 24-year resident of southeast Portland's Richmond neighborhood, where he is actively involved in the community. He had served on the board of directors of the Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association for more than 20 years. Bruce enjoys bicycling, playing guitar, hiking, and working out. His wife, Cinnamon, owns Presents of Mind, a gift shop on Hawthorne at 37th, and they have two daughters.

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Scott Haines, DC

Scott brings a wealth of life experience to his practice, having worked in technical and IT environments and overseas prior to moving to Portland. Originally from the East coast, Scott holds AAS and BFA degrees from RIT in Rochester, New York, and a Master's in project management from George Washington University. Scott attained his DC degree from Western States Chiropractic College here in Portland, where he has also served as part-time faculty in the clinical sciences department.

Scott has extensive post-graduate education in the pathophysiology and mechanics of auto accident-related injury, diagnosis, and treatment, with an emphasis on low-back and neck biomechanics and the mechanisms of “whiplash injury.” Scott had the honor of training and working with the preeminent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw specialist in Portland, Dr. Arthur Parker, DMD. While not technically an internship, this year of post-graduate study focused on the TMJ region and surrounding tissues, with a particular concentration in how both neck and head structures play a part in TMJ pain and vice versa. This led Scott to both an appreciation of the complexity of the TMJ region and the development of a high level of skill in addressing issues.

Scott sees patients with a wide variety of presentations, from acute injuries stemming from automobile accidents and sports activities to chronic pain and discomfort related to overuse injuries, postural issues, and muscle imbalances. Scott has a special appreciation of those injuries experienced while working in an office environment, including carpal tunnel-related symptoms and “wry neck” and upper back pain from long hours at a computer. Having worked in office settings himself, Scott understands how pervasive these symptoms can be.

Scott’s experience in Dr. Parker’s office provided excellent tools and techniques for treating TMJ- or jaw-related disorders, and a large number of Scott’s patients are TMJ patients. Scott currently sees all TMJ patients at Hawthorne Wellness Center, providing diagnostic examination and manual therapy. He maintains a close relationship with Dr. Parker, referring patients for TMJ-specific splint therapy fitment and second opinions as needed.

Scott takes the time to understand the underlying causes of a patient's condition and makes sure the patient understands the details, in plain language, before treatment. Using a variety of tools such as Craniosacral Therapy, Graston Technique, other low-force procedures and diversified adjustments, he creates a plan aimed at addressing those causes, bringing the patient to a state of wellness and preventing repeat episodes.

Scott leverages the services of Hawthorne Wellness Center's other practitioners as appropriate to help address patient issues, including soft tissue injury, nutritional needs, and further diagnosis of systemic disorders. As with most wellness models, the patient also takes a key role in a successful outcome. In addition to in-office adjustments, Scott emphasizes the importance of addressing the triggers to the patient's symptoms and helps put together a rehabilitation plan that often includes nutritional, stretching, and strengthening components. Scott has an active yoga practice and may also include various aspects of yoga in a patient's rehabilitation.

Scott enjoys most outdoor activities including cross-country skiing, hiking, and camping, but can most often be found rock or ice climbing somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Scott also enjoys riding his motorcycle, weight training, and several types of movement arts.

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Phillip Snell, DC

A cum laude graduate of Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) in Portland, Phillip also received extensive post-graduate training in the diagnosis, treatment, and case management of automobile-related spine trauma. His practice is focused on sports medicine, using functional assessment and rehab prescription, and supported by cutting-edge myofascial techniques like Graston Technique and Stecco Fascial Manipulation. He also has served as part-time faculty at University of Western States in their manual therapy department and Sports Medicine Masters degree program.

Phillip keeps up to date with emerging scientific literature to improve his clinical practice, a process known as evidence-based practice. He also travels extensively each year, teaching these methods to other doctors—and continuing to add to his own toolbox as he in turn learns from the best researchers and teachers in the world. Using a biomechanics mindset, Phillip enjoys the detective work that gets to the bottom of stubborn, painful conditions. He then turns his attention to teaching patients how to use corrective exercises to manage their own conditions. His focus on finding the key movement patterns that need correction led him to launch in 2011. Health care professionals around the world use the website to help teach their own patients functional rehab methods.

As a long-time athlete, Phillip has a special appreciation of the needs of athletes as they age and the conditions that keep them from being as active as they would like. Patients can expect not only chiropractic adjustments, but also treatment to address the surrounding muscle and fascial tissues, followed up with thorough rehabilitation exercises. Treatments are tailored to each patient's needs, with special attention to educating the patient in how to reduce future injuries.

Phillip enjoys wintertime snowboarding and during the warmer months can be found in his garden or hiking and running the beautiful trails in the Portland area with his wife and son. For more information, see his blog at as well as patient feedback at

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Family Physician

Shahram (Shay) Hosseinion, MD

Shay completed his medical training at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in 2003 and his residency in Family Medicine at Providence Milwaukie Hospital in 2006 and has been a practicing Family Physician since then. Shay has additional training in integrative and holistic medicine; throughout his training and career he has collaborated with practitioners of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, and Osteopathic medicine. He is honored to house his practice in the Hawthorne Wellness Center alongside likeminded colleagues. Beyond his experience with pediatric and adult health, he has special interests in international and travel medicine, wilderness and sports medicine, and behavioral medicine and mental health; all travel vaccinations are available for administration during a travel medicine consultation – prices available upon request. As a Board Certified Family Physician, Shay is a specialist in common medical conditions and preventative health; he has developed a strong network of specialists to provide seamless comprehensive healthcare for his pediatric and adult patients.

Inspired by old time family doctors who could be seen walking through the neighborhood en route to a house call, Shay strives to bring this closeness to Southeast Portland. A resident of the neighborhood himself, he is committed to local healthcare solutions and believes that every neighborhood should have its own doctor who has time to spend with people and be a part of the community.

Shay's practice is unique. In most places, people only see a doctor for a few minutes, because the doctor must see so many patients to pay for the expensive overhead of an inefficient practice.

Shay believes in spending more time with people and is able to do so because he checks in patients and does billing himself. This simple, small-scale practice model allows more one-on-one contact with patients and creates the time for you to develop a true relationship with your personal physician.

He has served on the Mt. Hood Doctor's ski patrol and his hobbies include skiing, running, biking, making music on almost any instrument, doing yoga and Qi Gong with his wife Eva Hosseinion, M.D. Eva began her specialization in Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2008 at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, OR.

To make your appointment with Dr. Hosseinion, click here.

To send a message, question, or comment directly to Dr. Hosseinion, click here or you can call (503) 234-2070.

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Massage Therapists

Sheri Blue, LMT 5842

Sheri has been a licensed massage therapist in Oregon since 1997. She was a straight-A student at East-West College of the Healing Arts, and holds a bachelor's degree in literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She has studied a variety of modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, myo-fascial release and lomilomi. She has also taken courses studying the protocols for pregnant women and for people with cancer.

Every massage therapist brings unique skills and individuality to practice. Sheri's favorite work is therapeutic massage, with pressure that ranges from firm to deep. The result, sometimes immediately and sometimes after a few days, is often a release of muscular tension, resulting in less pain and stress, both in specific areas and overall. Because the body is not separate from the mind and heart, changes in the body during massage can bring up thoughts or emotions. It is Sheri's intention to create a safe space for the body, mind, and heart.

Outside the world of massage, Sheri keeps herself busy with her son, her boyfriend, and her home. She loves to read, write, knit, bicycle, travel, and watch movies.

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Aimee Perkins, LMT 7954

Aimee received her massage education at Oregon School of Massage and was granted her Oregon license in December 2001. Since then, Aimee has operated her own practice and worked at some of Portland's fine spas; she spent more than three years at Health Quest Day Spa working on clients dealing with injuries. Previously, she earned a bachelor's degree in French from the University of Iowa and a "Ducktorate" degree from Disney University.

Aimee's scope of practice includes sports, Swedish, stretching, and deep tissue. Her intention at each massage session is to increase clients' range of motion to stuck muscles and to decrease muscle tension. Aimee seeks to continuously improve her skills and gets together monthly with other massage therapists to collaborate on different methods and strokes to best address each region of the body. After each meeting, she always has at least three new methods to share with her clients. Additionally, Aimee receives massage at least twice a month to keep her body tuned and relaxed, and to discover new methods to help her clients.

When Aimee is not helping clients relax, she can be found in her kitchen experimenting with new recipes, training for a marathon, improving her chess game, or dancing.

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Naturopathic Physician

Kelly Owens, ND

Kelly received her medical training at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, where she graduated in 2004. While there, she completed a certificate of natural obstetrics, which grants her the privilege of attending out-of-hospital births in states that license naturopaths to do so.

Kelly maintains a family practice, with a strong emphasis on preventative medicine. She specializes in the treatment of women and children, and treats a variety of chronic and acute conditions with natural, non-toxic therapies. She particularly enjoys working together with patients to address lifestyle factors that compromise health. Areas of interest include balancing hormones, managing stress, and utilizing herbal and nutritional therapies to optimize healthy function of the body's systems.

In addition to her practice at the Hawthorne Wellness Center, Kelly maintains a practice at Battle Ground Healing Arts, in Battle Ground, Washington. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and a founding member of the Natural Approaches to Parenting Group (NAP) in Clark County, Washington. She writes regularly for Vancouver Family Magazine and other area publications.

When not seeing patients, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, camping, and cross-country skiing.

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Phone Number: 503-235-5484


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