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American Boychoir School

The American Boychoir was founded in 1937 and  has been located in Princeton, New Jersey since 1950.

The mission of The American Boychoir is to sustain and move forward with a distinctively American voice the one-thousand-year-old boychoir school tradition. The American Boychoir is committed to being the finest choir of its kind in the nation and among the finest in the world. The American Boychoir achieves this each year by recruiting and training talented choristers from across the country.

The mission of The American Boychoir School is to combine the training program for mastery of choral music with a superior academic program in order to create a profoundly integrative educational experience which emphasizes creativity and such traditional values as self-discipline, self-reliance, hard work, teamwork and dedication to long-term goals.

It is a testimony to the vision of the institution’s founder, Herbert Huffman, that after seventy-four years the objectives stated in the School’s original charter are as apt today as they were in 1937:

  1. To build character in young boys and prepare them for good citizenship.
  2. To provide an exceptional training program for musically talented boys, regardless of their religion, social background or financial circumstances.
  3. To make this unique opportunity the motivation for general educational attainment.
  4. To help enrich the cultural life of the nation and to produce a musical organization that is recognized throughout the country as the finest of its kind.

As today’s stewards of The American Boychoir School, the board, faculty, staff, parents and students affirm these objectives.


We encourage you to explore the rest of this website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 609-924-5858 ext. 633.


Phone: 609-924-5858

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