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Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble

Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble

Dr. Timothy A. McMillin, Artistic Director and Conductor

The Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was formed by the late James Cox, Professor of Music at Drake University. Professor Cox, supported by others in the community, had a vision of promoting excellent choral performance in the community with a choir of auditioned vocal musicians from the Des Moines area who shared his goal. The first concert was performed in June, 1991.

The primary goal of this ensemble is to bring to the community a variety of serious choral musical styles within a chamber setting. At the same time, the choir is intended to create a special opportunity for serious musicians who desire an intense and concentrated investigation of the repertoire. The philosophical emphasis of the DMVAE is placed on individual commitment and dedication to quality choral music education, group dynamic responsibilities, and individual/ensemble professional development.
Phone: 515-961-1578

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