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Stradivari Society

Supporting Gifted Young Artists at the Highest Level... Safeguarding our Classical Music Traditions

The Stradivari Society® is dedicated to the preservation of and pursuit of excellence in classical music by identifying the world's most promising young artists and uniting them with the superb Italian instruments they need to help launch and sustain their professional careers.

The Hope of Great Artists of the Future

For musicians, there is no greater thrill than playing on an exceptional instrument for the first time. There is a profound leap in expressive potential as the richer sound and improved response help the artist communicate the emotions of the music. Moreover, the broadening of dynamic range and color palette allows nuances and contrasts that immediately add new drama to their playing and a greatly heightened level of communication with the audience. For music lovers, there is no greater joy than being moved by a compelling performance of a beloved work as interpreted by an extraordinary artist on an exquisite instrument.

A great instrument is absolutely vital for emerging artists, allowing them to reach their full potential of expression. The artistry of violin making reached its zenith in Italy with the work of Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù during the 17th- and 18th- centuries. That level of achievement has not been equalled since, and the instruments created during that period remain unrivaled in their richness and scope of sound. The finest examples of Stradivari and Guarneri instruments sell for millions of dollars each, placing them well out of reach of even the most successful musicians.

To help unite artist and instrument, The Stradivari Society® encourages philanthropists to acquire fine instruments and bows in order to loan them for use by recipients. The organization additionally provides private and public performance opportunities to further enhance the rising careers of its recipients.

The Society strives to educate musicians and audiences to the unique tonal qualities of fine instruments; to instill an appreciation of this brilliant achievement of classical Italian artistry; and to encourage a sense of responsibility for the care, restoration, and preservation of these irreplaceable works of art.

The Stradivari Society®
A division of Bein & Fushi





EDUARD WULFSON, Director, European Division

L. KAPSON, Audio/Visual Director and Archivist

Phone: 312.663.0972, Fax: 312.663.0873

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