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Abell Foundation
Education Grants



Initiatives for Effecting Systemic ChangeThe Foundation's efforts are mostly focused in Baltimore City, which, though making considerable progress, still endures far too many problems associated with a high concentration of urban poverty. Accordingly, the Foundation continues to designate a significant portion of its resources to fund initiatives in this sphere of concern; in particular, initiatives that may lie outside of the community's institutional needs but which identify and address them in new and even unorthodox ways.



Support of a college retention counselor for Baltimore students
receiving CollegeBound Last Dollar grants is intended to make
a significant effort to increase the college completion rates

We remain committed to being an agent of change, working creatively to define issues, providing a forum to exchange ideas about issues, and taking our place in the community's efforts to improve and enrich the quality of life in Maryland, specifically in the Baltimore area.

The following are the Foundation's six program areas:

Support for programs that encourage higher levels of student achievement through recruitment and development of quality teachers and principals, and that enhance curricula, create new innovative schools, increase parental involvement, and encourage the pursuit of higher education among the less affluent.

Phone: 410-547-1300, FAX: 410-539-6579

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