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Starlight Journey- World Premier
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Varty Manouelian, violin
Paul Coletti, viola

Concert 6 - April 23, 2017
Zipper Hall, Los Angeles


Note from the composer:

The original inspiration for this piece arrived in 1978 in Gstaad while I was a student at the International Menuhin Music Academy. Many inspirations and moons later I had the makings of a piece but not the skills to write it. Though I did try. Over and over. Then in 2006 I got married to Gina, and my humble wedding gift to her was ‘Journey' for two violas. It was a 3 minutes piece, all of it pretty and harmonious, a honeymoon piece. Of course I rewrote 'journey' countless times after that, trying to get it right, and then in 2016 at the behest of Juan-Miguel Hernandez, I wrote 'Moonlight Journey' for two violas. It lasts more than seven minutes. 
Fast forward to now, and 'Starlight Journey’ for violin and viola was born, my children Julia and Olivia picked the title. It contains much of the material found in all the other ‘Journeys’ but is now longer still. My personal journey took me 40 years to write this piece. And I am happy with it, for now! Not to compare, but Mozart wrote his two beautiful duos in one ordinary night. - Paul Coletti


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