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Echoes of a Solitary Voice
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Before his death in July 2014, Maestro Lorin Maazel was composing a work for The Danish National Symphony as part of the Orchestra’s long-standing Malko Conducting Competition. This new piece was to be a concise, multifaceted challenge for even the most talented young conductors competing from around the globe. The loss of Lorin Maazel prevented this work from coming to completion.

Wayne Oquin, at the request of Dietlinde Maazel, examined the hand-written musical fragments left behind. The musical paths Maazel might have taken were impossible to determine. Yet, there was much on the page to admire. Out of this given material, Wayne Oquin composed a new work, at times making explicit use of Maazel’s melodic gestures, harmonies, rhythms, and textures, but, more often allowing his elements to develop, evolve and meld into new ideas and structures. The result is a tribute to another facet of a great genius of our time: Lorin Maazel, the composer.

David Nieman conducts the Danish National Symphony Orchestra in the semi-finals of the 2015 Malko Conducting Competition in Copenhagen.

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