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Achieving Optimum Performance: 7 Steps
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This is just a small portion of a 4 hour workshop that Dr. Kageyama did for members of the MD/DC ASTA chapter.  This video shows 7 activities that musician's can do to optimize their performance.

 Performance psychologist Dr. Noa Kageyama is on the faculty of The Juilliard School and is the performance psychology coach for the New World Symphony in Miami, FL. A conservatory-trained violinist with degrees from Oberlin and Juilliard, Dr. Kageyama studied with Stephen Clapp, Ronald Copes, Franco Gulli, Paul Kantor, Masao Kawasaki, Roland & Almita Vamos, and Donald Weilerstein before making the leap to psychology. 

For more tips and insights, visit Dr. Kageyama's website, www.bulletproofmusician.com

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