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Cool new app from the Hamburg Philharmonic.  Send text messages with musical accompaniment.

To bring the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra and classical music back to life by addressing a younger audience.

Download it here for free from the iTunes store.

Young people spend hours a day on their smartphones.
So we created the Acousticons - the first ever messenger app, that emotionalizes textmesseges with music.

We brought the tagline of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra "each note an experience" to life: with little icons, similar to emoticons, but with with full orchestral accompaniment recorded by the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. The Acousticons, with names like „Amabile" or „Scherzando" give musical expression to a wide range of emotions and lets you feel the emotional power of classical music by just sending a text messege. The App also contains the current season's programme and a direct link to order tickets.

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