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Making a Violin
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Produced in conjunction with the Museum of Making Music's special exhibition, "The Violin in America," that appeared at the Museum from February 23, 2008 through September 7, 2008.


Part 1

Are all violins alike? What makes them different? Kevin Smith from The Violin Shop in San Diego gives us a very brief look at the two most common models of violin, the Stradivari and Guarneri.


Part 2

Why are violins different colors?


Part 3

What parts make up a violin? Kevin Smith of The Violin Shop in San Diego shows us the primary components of a violin as well as some additional pieces that make up the instrument.


Part 4

What kind of woods are used to make a violin?

Part 5

What variations make violins unique from each other?


Part 6

What does a modern violin look like?


Part 7

What makes a violin "sound good?" Kevin Smith of The Violin Shop in San Diego explains three qualities that most musicians look for in a violin that is described as being good in quality.



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