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Classified ads appear to site visitors in "slider boxes" as seen below. They simply click on the title and are taken to a page that contains detailed information that can include photos, files, video, links, Google maps and unique search fields for each category.

Classified ads can be placed in multiple categories and sub-categories
EVENTS Concerts, Recitals, Seminars, Worships, Festivals, Competitions, Institutes, Camps, Conferences, Classes and more

MARKETPLACE PRODUCTS Buy or sell instruments, books, CD's, DVD's, etc.


SERVICES Instrument repair, Medical, Legal, Financial, Educational, Recording Arts.

AUDITIONS Professional, Youth and Community Levels of Orchestras, Bands, Opera, Choral, Voice and Festivals.

JOBS Arts Administration, Instrument Technology, Library Science, Ushers, Box Office, Publishing, Internships and Fellowships, etc.

PERSONALS Announce achievements, awards, honors, premiers, retirements and appointments. Seek chamber music partners, concert companions.


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