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Violins Made from Tsunami Debris
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Music Project

The Bonds Made From One Thousand Tones is a music project that will have 1,000 musicians play on one of two violins made from driftwood resulting from the Japanese tsunami. Numerous musicians from around the world have applied for the opportunity to play the instruments, which were crafted by Muneyuki Nakazawa, a well-known Japanese violin craftsman and restorer.

Everything about this project is symbolic of recovery. For example, one thousand is a number is associated with eternity in Japanese culture. The violin also has an image of a small pine tree growing in a barren land etched into the back of the instrument. This represents a vast coastal area where an entire forest of pine trees was completely wiped out by the tsunami.

The project turns a tragedy into hope through music and by upcylcing debris from the catastrophe. You can follow developments in this adventure by checking out The Bonds Made From One Thousand Tones Facebook page.

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