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Become part of the virtual philharmonic orchestra
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Become part of the virtual philharmonic orchestra

An interactive digital installation allows visitors to step inside and become part of a virtual orchestra, taking on the role of a musician or even the conductor.


6:45AM BST 23 May 2012

Using giant screens, unconventional projecting surfaces, touch screens, movement-based interaction and planetarium-style projection, visitors can step inside the heart of a symphony orchestra.

Visitors can also join in as a conductor by moving their hands in front of screens to control the orchestra on different levels, and will be able to record their performance which will be posted online.

Instruments will be available to play so visitors can perform with the virtual orchestra and be projected onto screens alongside players.

The virtual Philharmonia Orchestra is taking up residence in the Science Museum for more than six weeks from May 23 to July 8 2012.

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