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Violin Shop Suing Critic
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Negative comments left on review sites about a Chicago violin store were likely all left by one person, and now the store’s owner wants to make him or her pay.



The person used a handful of pseudonyms, including TRUTHETELLER1790, TRUTH TELLER and TRUTH T to review Guadagnini Violin. All negative reviews using these various nicknames were traced back to the same IP address.

One review on Yelp asked if anyone wanted “to buy a gold mounted tortoise shell bow for $4,500 that’s actually worth $800 and made of gold-colored metal and faux plastic shell,” the Associated Press reported. If so, the the review said, “then please go to this shop!”  That review and other negative posts have since been deleted.

James Branit, a lawyer for the shop’s owner Chunyee Lu, said the reviews crossed the line into falsehoods,  and therefore are not protected speech.


Read more about this lawsuit.

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