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Radical New Guitar Strings
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Magma Classical Guitar Strings Offer A New Approach In Sound

Among innovative new items seen for classical guitar at NAMM 2012 are Transpositor classical guitar strings. Silver plated wound, they are available from Magma in several tunings for guitars with standard guitar bodies and fretboard lengths, plus including six, seven and ten string instruments. They are made with an unique concept and acoustic design, in that they are "transposed."

An example of this is that their Transpositor Bass Guitar strings for guitar made are an octave lower than normal classical strings, so players can get a more bass sound when performing classical, or when playing with a guitar ensemble or orchestra.

Magma Guitar Strings

Magma's Transpositor strings are available in many different tunings, including cello tuning, baritone and tenor. Transposing to a different key is easy for beginners, especially when trying to arrange music or transpose to the sound of a different instrument. For those who are not well-versed in music theory, Magma Transpositor Strings deliver the sound of transposed tonality, without the hassle.

Among the uses of these strings for Magma's Transpositor Bass Strings, guitarists can play pieces that have a more bass sound, in fact, one that is an octave lower than normal strings that are correctly tuned. Therefore, a guitarist playing the sixth string, the high E, results in what was normally the open E string. This is also a useful idea for guitarists that want to make their guitar sound like a bass.

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