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Hi-Tech tools rebuild a Strad
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Researchers use 1,000 X-Ray images and hi-tech tools to 'rebuild' a Stradivarius for the first time
  • Discovery could pave way for cheap reproductions
  • 1,000 X-Ray images used to build a 3D 'model' of violin
  • Will help spot 'fake' Stradivarii
  • Could help construct new, better-sounding violins


A new study by the Radiological Society of North America might help unravel the mystery of the violins - without destroying the precious instruments in the process.

Scientists puzzle over why the 650 Stradivarius violins still in existence sound so good - but after two years of CT scanning, and computer-aided carving, scientists have 'recreated' one for the first time.

To create a violin with the same characteristics as the 1704 instrument known as 'Betts' Dr. Sirr worked with professional violin makers John Waddle and Steve Rossow of St. Paul, Minnesota.

'We have two goals: to understand how the violin works and to make reproductions of the world's most prized violins available for young musicians who can't afford an original,' Dr. Sirr said


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