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Review: Night of Hunters
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Tori Amos new release

Fans of Amos’s previous efforts may come away more than a little disappointed with this album, as any kind of pop hooks and sensibilities are left behind for a grander musical vision that flirts with the ethereal and fantastic for a concept album that borders on the operatic at times.  The lack of any ‘singles’ per say can making appreciation by the impatient listener a little problematic but the dynamic power and splendor of some of her strong material is still there, especially on the track ‘Fearlessness’.  Musical production of the entire piece is lush and warm, highlighting Amos’s strength as her piano/keyboard playing is never drowned out by the other instruments and she is allowed to linger as the keys tell the story even when she is not singing.

This musical direction can be a double edged sword.  As she has put in enough musical service over the years, it is perfectly reasonable to allow her to stretch her musical wings and try a different concept.   However, this bold and ambitious effort does have moments that are slightly obtuse as the music can at times be overwhelming with its florid excesses, and having her 11 year old daughter perform vocals on some of the tracks delves rather deeply in to the realm of musical self indulgence, but I suspect with this concept record that just might be the point.

In creating her grand operatic/classical piece of music, “Night Of Hunters” could easily be turned into some sort of dance/ballet/opera type of performance.  The music was designed to invoke these other worldly visuals, and if you have the patience and are willing to...........

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