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Lady Gaga's violinist
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Judy Kang on tour with Gaga

At four, she was playing the violin; at nine, she was performing publicly; in 2006, she began to play a Stradivari violin; and now Canadian Judy Kang is playing with Lady Gaga.

The classically trained violinist, who studied in Philadelphia and at the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York, was in Toronto Thursday with Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour.

Edmonton-raised Kang has been touring for a year with the Born This Way singer after being chosen by Lady Gaga for her backup band.

"A friend of mine ... just kind of mentioned that she was looking for musicians and violinists. And for me it was like literally like two days later that the audition was going to be," she recalled in an interview with CBC News.

She went to the audition undecided whether she want the gig and played Speechless and Bad Romance for members of Gaga's team. She was called back to play for Gaga herself and three weeks later she was on tour.

Kang, 31, is a professional musician, now based in New York, who plays regularly with a classical trio and won the 2006 competition to play the 1689 Baumgartner Stradivarius from the Canada Council's Musical Instrument Bank.

But she's also a Lady Gaga fan and has experimented with different musical styles — everything from klezmer to pop — throughout her music career.......

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