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Guitar Hero Style Game for Chopin
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Think "classical music rhythm game."  What pops to mind?  Maybe Mad Maestro!?  And... that's it.  Not that classical music hasn't had its place in games - practically every JRPG uses epic, sprawling classical pieces as their backing soundtrack, and huge swatches of Burnout Paradise and any GTA game let you pump up the oldies (the really oldies).

Nineteenth century composer Frederic Chopin, having already been the star of one "hit" video game with Eternal Sonata, seems to be the latest dead celebrity to have his lifetime body of work taken, ripped apart, and "updated," this time in the form of a Guitar Hero-esque music game.  It'll contain "classical piano pieces... vocal performances and rock arrangements of Chopin's music."  Yay?

Music Master: Chopin is being developed by Polish studio Bloober Team for the PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad platforms, and it's hoping to help commemorate Chopin's 200th birthday (which was on March 1 of this year).  There are apparently talks to release it on other platforms as well - do I hear "plastic piano peripheral?"  The creator/producer, Piotr Babieno (of Nibris studio and the unfinished Sadness project), stated that the first graphic materials of MMC will be released in two weeks.  Check back!

An interesting note: the concept for the game was one of the winners of the "Chopin 2010 - Promesa" competition.  Winning means that the game will be funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and used to celebrate 2010 - The Year of Chopin, in Poland.  The devs hope it'll draw some attention to Chopin's work and achievements.  He did have some huge innovations in the piano sonata, waltz, nocturne, and polonaise, you know, as well as inventing the instrumental ballade.  Let's see how modern gamers appreciate his work.

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