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University of Alberta student shows unique thesis
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Viktoria Reiswich-Dapp is a University of Alberta doctoral student who brings together early 20th century music played on a grand piano with 1920's sports art for her one-of-a-kind thesis.

Reiswich-Dapp pays tribute to an early multimedia project that came about in the 1920's, when French composer Erik Satie was commissioned to write 12 short pieces of music for a set of illustrations that had been done by fellow countryman and artist Charles Martin.

Reiswich-Dapp displays the basic of her PhD thesis in the video below. She's won a prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship worth $50,000 each year for up to three years for this work. She is the only Vanier recipient in Canada to receive this scholarship as a musical performer. She will be presenting her own interpretation of this pairing, including computer technology and live performers in a performance scheduled for 2011.


Video at http://www.inews880.com/Channels/Reg/iReports/Story.aspx?ID=1143231

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