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Best Products of 2009

MVP 2009 Winner:
Vertical Hand Drum/Tambourine Attachment
A music instrument attachment – made available through A Day's Work Music Education – designed for patients with restricted mobility, allowing wheelchair-bound to participate in music therapy without assistance.

"Music therapists constantly seek out products that facilitate adaptation, so that they can maximize client possibilities during sessions. Across populations, mobility and motor issues may require instrumental modifications. Musical interaction can only occur if music play is accessible. Motor skills can only progress through music play if current motor skills can be accommodated.

The Vertical Hand Drum/Tambourine Attachment attaches to a wheelchair/table clamp (also available from A Day's Work). A frame drum or tambourine is held securely in place. One version of the attachment comes with a spring that can hold a mallet. The Vertical Hand Drum/Tambourine Attachment is meticulously made, highly durable, and capable of taking intense use. It is highly portable and manipulable.  At the same time, can be easily immobilized when you want it to stay in place.

– Bill Matney, MA, MT-BC
Lewisville Independent School District
Adjunct Lecturer, Texas Woman's University



for more information about this MVP winner.

RUNNER-UP: Apple's "GarageBand" Application

Patients are able to plug a USB music keyboard into their Mac computers and receive instant access to over 100 realistic software instruments – pianos, strings, drums, guitars, horns – and create new tracks to explore with their therapists.

"Apple's 'GarageBand' program has made recording sessions/music as easy as the click of a button. This easy, user-friendly program comes pre-loaded on Mac's and opens a whole world of recording, mixing, effects, and creation options to the consumer. This software is quite popular among not only among the music therapy world but with musicians and lay-people as this program is reliable, accessible, and simple."
– Devon Kehler, MT-BC


Therapists are able to create a portable music therapy environment as the K-box from Kerchoonz.com is compact and connects to any mp3 player, laptop, or mobile phone, to convert any surface into a loudspeaker with bass.

"Something new to the field that I think has got a lot of potential to change the way we use music therapy is the K-Box. Using special ‘gel audio technology’, this handheld speaker can bring people out from the seclusion of their headphones and share their music with me, just by using any flat surface. We're not shut out anymore, but sharing a musical experience, working primarily on the rhythm and vibrations of the music. Even better, I've found that clients enjoy changing between different flat surfaces I have in my office because it changes the frequencies of the vibrations – wood, metal, or plastic tables can all be very interesting amplifiers.

– Ryan Thames, MT-BC
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