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Harnoncourt's best recordings
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Nikolaus Harnoncourt's greatest recordings

Mon 7th March 2016

So many of Harnoncourt's recordings are highly regarded that it would be impossible to come up with a definitive list of his 'greatest', but those included here are all essential listening...

Bach Christmas Oratorio

Sols; Concentus Musicus Wien / Nikolaus Harnoncourt


'Without a hint of world-weariness, each movement builds on the experience of what has been heard before (a device encouraged by Bach in his emollient and atmospheric instrumentation, and the decisive connections between each cantata). Bachians who know Harnoncourt’s Passion recordings will recognise the distinctive southern European classical tradition which has been brought to bear on his recent Bach performances. Witness the soft-grained radiance and ease, whether Mass or opera-inspired, which eschews an inward-looking and parochial outlook. Indeed, Harnoncourt is unique in his decisively pictorial and luminous landscape (in the more perennial oratorio tradition), alongside a highly developed ear for charting the work with kaleidoscopic, if occasionally maverick character...' Read the review


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