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Top 10 Bartok Recordings
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From Fritz Reiner to Patricia Kopatchinskaja, these are 10 of the finest recordings of Bartók's music

Gramophone Fri 12th February 2016


Concerto for Orchestra

Chicago Symphony Orchestra / Fritz Reiner


'A classic recording by one of the master Bartók conductors. With staggering playing by the Chicago Symphony and recording that simply doesn't sound its age, this is a magnificent achievement. RCA's sound reportage of the Concerto for Orchestra has uncanny realism, and if the climaxes are occasionally reined in, the fervour of Reiner's direction more than compensates...' Read the review

String Quartets

Emerson String Quartet


'The impression one gains from these recordings (I have not seen the Quartet in the concert hall) is of massive tonal projection and superlative clarity, each textural strand coloured and made audible to a degree possibly unrivalled in the recorded history of these works. DG's close brightly-lit, yet never oppressive recording quality must share some of the credit for that, of course. Combine this with controlled vehemence, headlong velocity and razor-sharp unanimity (any fast movement from quartets two to five can serve as illustration) and you have a formidable alliance of virtues...' Read the review


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