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Stravinsky expert, Robert Craft has died
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Robert Craft, Stravinsky expert, conductor and author, has died

Mon 16th November 2015

Born October 20, 1923; died November 10, 2015

Robert Craft, whose name is inextricably linked to that of Igor Stravinsky, has died aged 92. Born in New York where he studied at Juilliard, Craft was a gifted musician and, despite having his education interrupted by army service, was soon studying conducting at Tanglewood with Pierre Monteux. His particular interests were early music (Gesualdo and Monteverdi being particular favourites) and 12-tone music (he would later not only introduce Stravinsky to the music of Schoenberg but would record most of Schoenberg's major works).

Craft first encountered Stravinsky in 1947 when he wrote to the composer to borrow a score for a forthcoming performance of the Symphonies of Wind Instruments - Stravinsky replied that he'd like to conduct the work himself. Soon Craft was drawn into the Stravinsky's life, and household, where he'd remain until the composer's death in 1971. He would be involved in all of Stravinsky's works from the early 1950s onwards, helping with every detail from orchestration and transcription into manuscript for publication, conducting and recording.


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