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Fort Worth Symphony ask for more cuts from its musicians
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Cutting In

Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians say no to a proposed second round of pay cuts.
Posted October 28, 2015 by Edward Brown

Like many of their colleagues nationwide, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra musicians would rather forget 2010. That was when they took a 13.5 percent pay cut to shore up an $819,000 loss in revenue. The nation was reeling from the effects of a recession, and corporate and private donors were cutting back on gifts.

For the musicians, it was a temporary setback.

Or so they thought.

Now the stock market is showing record profits, unemployment in Texas is at 4.2 percent, and the region is experiencing record growth. Arts contributions, according to a recent study by Giving USA, reached an all-time high last year of $17.2 billion. But while similar-sized orchestras have rebounded since the recession — 20 medium to large ones exceeded fundraising and/or ticket sales goals last year, according to the same study — FWSO musicians are being asked to take it on the chin again.


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