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Teenage violinist given 1m Stradivarius to take on tour
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Teenage violinist given £1m Stradivarius to take on tour

10:00AM BST 03 Aug 2014

A teenage violinist is to play a £1million Stradivarius after a veteran musician spotted his talent and loaned him the rare instrument to take on tour.

Roberto Ruisi, 18, has been entrusted with a prized Stradivarius violin for a series of high profile performances, including the BBC Proms.

Veteran musician John Ludlow has loaned the rare instrument after being touched by a series of remarkable similarities in their lives, having been - like Ruisi - the leader of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYOGB).

The 18-year-old became the youngest ever leader of the NYOGB four years ago and will perform with the Strad when he goes on tour with the ensemble over the coming days.


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