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Metro commits to deal ensuring subway won't hurt Disney Hall acoustics
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Metro commits to deal ensuring subway won't hurt Disney Hall acoustics


he builders of a subway that will run alongside Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Colburn School of Music are promising to deploy a triple helping of the most advanced noise-suppression measures to make sure the rumble of trains under 2nd Street won't mar audiences' musical experience or intrude on the sound quality of recordings made in the venues.

An agreement between Disney Hall's landlord, the Music Center, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority went into effect this week, formally committing Metro to procedures to ensure that trains running through perhaps the most sensitive stretch of its 1.9-mile, $1-billion downtown Regional Connector Project won't add audible vibrations.

The agreement sets out a process for what will happen if those preventive measures fail — with a Music Center lawsuit to collect damages the worst-case scenario.


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