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William Salchow 1926-2014
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At the age of 88, bowmaker William Salchow of Salchow & Sons Bowmakers has died.  Known as one of the finest bowmakers of his generation, his career spanned over 50 years.


He was born in Detroit and was a cellist.

Quote from Strad Magazine:

Interviewed in the November 2012 issue of The Strad, Salchow discussed his theory of bow camber: ‘When the bow is soft and has very little curve, the angle of the hair to the string is more acute, so it has more contact with the string. It’s as if the hair wraps itself around the string. So you’ll get a great sound from an old bow like that, but you don’t get the bounce. You need bounce, and more camber, if you’re playing something like Wieniawski or Sarasate.’

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