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Daniel Barenboim launches new download-only label with Universal
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Daniel Barenboim launches new download-only label with Universal

Thu 1st May 2014

The great pianist and conductor wants to reach that elusive younger listener by offering digital-only releases

Yesterday, in Berlin, Daniel Barenboim and Universal launched their new download-only label dedicated to Barenboim’s art as conductor, piano soloist, chamber musician and accompanist. The label is called Peral, Spanish for pear tree (‘Barenboim’ is Yiddish for ‘Birnbaum’, the German for pear tree). The label’s logo has been designed by the architect Frank Gehry, a friend of Barenboim who is building a new concert-hall and rehearsal building for Barenboim’s West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Berlin.

The first release comprises live performances of Bruckner’s first three symphonies recorded with the Staatskapelle Berlin, the orchestra of the Staatsoper where Barenboim is Music Director. This is the start of Barenboim’s third cycle of the Bruckner symphonies (the previous two were with the Chicago Symphony for DG and the Berlin Philharmonic for Teldec). Barenboim believes the orchestra with its absorption in operatic music brings a singing line to the music which he has been seeking.


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