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Review: Debussy, Complete Works for Piano, 4
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Jean-Efflam Bavouzet

........the latter-day Frenchman Jean-Efflam Bavouzet gives us Debussy unashamed of voluptuousness, and good for him. Even in the Études, the music has a deliciously organic feeling of inhaling and exhaling, and moments of magic are duly relished. The "Reflets dans l'eau" opening the first set of Images does indeed suggest the buoyancy of water and ripples of light on its surface.

Mr. Bavouzet has virtuosity where called for, but there's nothing chilly about it. What's more impressive throughout is the sheer naturalness – the humanity – of the music-making. Add Chandos' full-bodied sonics, and this is a splendid wrap-up to Mr. Bavouzet's Debussy survey..........

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