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Child Molester was Delay's Assistant
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Julian Hallmark, a respected and accomplished violinist, is accused of lewd acts and molestation of two young girls.

The perpetrator spent five years at the Menuhin School where he won a national competition. He graduated from Juilliard in 1994 and was concertmaster for 11 years of a respected orchestra. He will be sentenced next week.


Until his arrest Feb. 14, Hallmark worked for Elemental Strings, a small, nonprofit youth orchestra based in Santa Monica. He was hired in September 2011. The alleged acts occurred between Oct. 1, 2011 and Feb. 4 of this year.

Two of the felony charges stem from an incident when he allegedly exposed himself to a 5-year-old and told her to touch his penis, according to court records. In another incident, he allegedly exposed himself again to the girl's friend.

He knew both girls, but neither were his students. Both alleged incidents occurred in his home, according court records.

Some of her past students have told us that the convicted felon acted for at least one school year as her assistant, organising her diary and arranging (or withholding) access for fellow-students who sought special appointments or entry to her daily 5-7 masterclasses. He is described as generally agreeable, but fond of boasting of his access to Ms DeLay and his close friendship with a fellow-student who went on to much greater things.

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