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Naoko Matsui
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Naoko Matsui is a concert violinist for classical and modern music ; the violinist soloist for the concert at Collégiale Notre-Dame and Saint-Domitianus of Huy / Hoei on 01.06.2008, Saint-Catherine Church of Brussels on 07.05.2005, IMEP Concert Church Hall on 24.11.2007, La Plante Church of Namur / Namen on 23.12.2007, Saint-Christophe Church of Hannut on 19.04.2008, Saint-Martin Church of Leuze on 25.04.2005 (Belgium), Saint-Maria Church of Stanjel on 12.04.2013 (Slovenia), Chapel of the Castle-Guesthouse Tannenhoehe of Villingen on 16.10.2013, 29.08.2014 & 25.09.2015, the Christ Church of Hamburg on 14.09.2013, the Redeemer Church of Hamburg on 28.02.2015 (Germany), Immaculate Church of Crotone on 28.12.2014 (Italy), etc.

Currently Naoko Matsui is 6 1st Prizes, 3 Golden Medals, 2 Winning Trophies, 2 Grand Prix, 2 Honor Prizes & 1 Golden Prize winner.

Since October 2014 Naoko Matsui became a rostered artist at Price Rubin & Partners as soloist violinist with orchestra for Sponsored Concert Program and this Agreement with PRP had been renewed in end of September 2015 for next years. Recently began also orchestra conducting learning, composing original cadenzas for violin concertos and own small works, writing artistic reviews and interviews. "The Naoko Matsui Interview" with Moonpeel CEO and Co-Founder Gaëtan Lerminiaux and TV commercial "Moonpeel Teaser" with Brahim Rachiki is on-air since end of 2015. This year 2016 began with New Year Solo Concert "Le Petit Concert du Sablon de Nouvel An" by Naoko Matsui at Jacob Norden Fine Antique of Sablon in Brussels Belgium on 10.01.2016.
Violinist, Classical Music, Modern Music, Violin, Concerts, Soloist with Orchestra, Church, Chiesa, Concertos, Sonatas, Prizes, Chiesa dell'Immacolata di Crotone, Collégiale Notre-Dame and Saint-Domitianus of Huy, Saint-Martin Church of Leuze, Saint-Christophe Church of Hannut, Église "La Plante" de Namur, IMEP Concert Church Hall, Saint-Maria church of Stanjel, Tannenhoehe Villingen, Kirche, Kerk
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