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Duo Barrenchea
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Chamber Music Ensemble
Sergio Barrenechea
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22270-010
I am involved in classical music as a
Accompanist (piano), Instrument Dealer, Musician: Professional Instrumental, Music Educator- college, Music Publisher, Recording Engineer, Video/Record Producer
My instrument/voice is
Flute, Piano
Schools I have attended:
Bos Conservatory, University of Iowa and Universidade de Brasilia
Companies/Organizations I work for:
My web site is
My highest completed level of education is:
More about me or my organization
The Duo Barrenechea, formed by flutist Sérgio Barrenechea and his wife, the pianist Lúcia Barrenechea, has been performing extensively since 1989. Besides working as musicians with intensive artistic activities, they are teachers and researchers, involved with the formation of young musicians and researchers.
Brazilian chamber music, flute, piano, Mignone, Villa-Lobos, choro, dvd, Rio de Janeiro
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