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Sonja Beets
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Harp, Composer
I am involved in classical music as a
Composer/Arranger, Musician: Professional Instrumental, Music Educator- college, Music Therapist, Patron of the Arts, Stage Manager
If you are a music teacher, please indicate which subject(s) you offer.
Instrumental Private Lessons, Instrumental Group Lessons, Chamber Music, Chorus, Music Education, Musical Theater, Music Therapy, Opera
My instrument/voice is
Harp, Oboe, Organ, Piano, Soprano
Schools I have attended:
Sweelinck Conservatory Amsterdam
My web site is
My highest completed level of education is:
Bachelor's Degree
More about me or my organization
I love to write new music and to work with musicians to create new music. In my work all parts are of equal value, so no artsong with accompaniment but rather a duet for voice and instrument... Also I think that (new) music (and all arts) should enlighten you.
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