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Christina Thompson
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I am involved in classical music as a
Conductor- Band, Musician: Professional Instrumental, Music Educator- pre-college, Patron of the Arts
If you are a music teacher, music school or program or religious institution, please indicate which subject(s) you offer.
Instrumental Private Lessons, Instrumental Group Lessons, Band, Elementary School Instrumental Music
My instrument/voice is
Schools I have attended:
East Carolina University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Companies/Organizations I work for:
Summerglen Music
My web site is
My highest completed level of education is:
Master's Degree
More about me or my organization
Christina is an active professional musician in the Raleigh, NC area. She has been playing trombone for 20 years, and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from East Carolina University and a Master of Music degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Christina's musical background is unique--she is a classically trained musician who spent many years playing trombone in punk bands!

As a young musician, Christina toured Europe and the United States performing with indie bands and jazz ensembles, and became fascinated with understanding the subtle differences and similarities among musical styles. Throughout her professional career, Christina has sought to expand her musical horizons further by performing with ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to salsa bands to trombone choirs. Christina's current musical focus is on performing and recording positive, original trombone and marimba music with her ensemble, Summerglen.

One of the foundations of Christina's career is her deep commitment to music education. During the past decade, Christina has taught thousands of people the joy of making music, while on tour, in public schools, and in private lessons. Christina's teaching approach is centered on THINKING and HAVING FUN! Students learn problem solving and goal-setting strategies that they can use to overcome problems in their playing, and develop ways to better understand both the trombone and themselves. This learning takes place in a relaxed, fun environment, where laughter is important and students' ideas are valued and explored.

trombone, trombonist, band, "trombone teacher", "trombone lessons", "elementary band"
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