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Kyle Gann
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Music, Scores and Recordings
Title Date Instrumentation/Text Recording,
Score Program Notes Performers
The Aardvarks' Parade (Triskaidekaphonia 2) 2009 keyboard sampler and soundfile mp3, 10:20 PDF Tuning chart Kyle Gann
Arcana XVI 1998 3 synths 8 minutes   Program notes  
As the Day Is Long 1982 fl, electric organ, trap set, soundfile mp3, 13:22      
Baptism 1983 2 flutes, two drums, organ mp3, 11:40 PDF Program Notes Kyle Gann and players
Bud Ran Back Out 2001 Disklavier mp3, 3:42; New World PDF Program notes  
Charing Cross 2007 synth, soundfile mp3, 8:13   Program notes Kyle Gann
Chicago Spiral 1990-1 fl, cl, sop sax, vn, va, cello, drums, synth mp3, 8:40 PDF Program notes Dinosaur Annex
Cinderella's Bad Magic 2002 five singers, flute, three sampling keyboards, fretless bass; text by Jeffrey Sichel Scenes 3-5, 14:59; 45 minutes total   Program notes



Chart continued at http://www.kylegann.com/Gannmusic.html

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