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Otello Study Guide for Teachers
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Dear Educator:
Thank you for your participation in San Francisco Opera Guild’s 2009-2010 education
programs! The Opera Guild’s Teacher’s Guides for the 2009 Student Dress Rehearsals
are publications that you can use as a tool to assist you in preparing your students for
their exposure to opera.
Opera is a complete art form and expression of culture. It encompasses music, theatre,
dance, design, literature, history, and social movement in one sweep. This guide will
provide you with background on the composer, history of the source material for the
opera, a synopsis of the story, a bit about the political climate of the time, and extension
exercises that can be incorporated into your curriculum.
A table of contents will guide you to the information on areas you wish to cover with your
students. In addition there is a guide for opera etiquette so your classes will be familiar
with the expectations of an audience member. You will find a collection of assignments
and activities that will engage your students in the world of the play and we hope this
involvement will excite them further about seeing Otello.

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