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Iannis Xenakis, discography
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Discography by year and country


Date Country Title Musicians Collection Producer
2009 us Tetras, Tetora, ST4, Ergma JACK Quartet The complete string quartets, Xenakis Edition vol. 10 Mode 209 (CD & DVD)
2008 us Hibiki Hana Ma, Polytope de Cluny + NEG-ALE, music for a film on Vasarely (1960) Mixed for 5.1 surround and stereo by Gerard Pape DVD Electroacoustic music (2), Xenakis Edition vol. 9
Mode 203 (DVD & CD)
2008 us Kraanerg The Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury cond. Xenakis Edition vol. 8 Mode 196 (CD & DVD)
2008 us Psappha*, Rebonds A & B *, Omega, Kassandra Roland Auzet, percussion, Nicolas Isherwood, bass, Ensemble Fa, Dominique My cond. Music for percussion Mode 189-192 (1 DVD* + 3 CD)
2007 nl Dmaathen, Eonta, Epei, Herma, Palimpsest, Evryali Geoffroy Douglas Madge, piano and  soloists,  Peter Eötvös and  Huub Kerstens, cond. - BVHAAST 0706
2007 se Troorkh Christian Lindberg, trombone, Oslo Philharmonic, Peter Rundel cond. Works for  trombone and orchestra Bis Records EAN 7318599916385

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