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Recording Connection Rocks

There’s an old saying it’s not what you know it’s WHO you know,…well in the music business it’s a little bit of both. To get work as an audio engineer, or music producer, it’s WHO YOU KNOW and WHAT YOU KNOW. For over two decades, Recording Connection Audio School Alternative has been breaking students into the music business.  Our students go to class in real recording studios where they learn under a master audio engineer in one-on-one sessions in REAL RECORDING STUDIOS. By training this way our students are meeting bands, music producers, classically trained musicians, session players, audio engineers, rock stars, music business executives and studio owners…all while they learn. This enables them to make the connections they need for paid employment while they train, instead of having to network after they graduate from college.  From day one at the Recording Connection you will be meeting the people that can get you work…
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