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Hand Therapy Specialists, P.C.
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Welcome to Hand Therapy Specialists P.C.

“Hand Therapy. What is it? What is a Hand Therapist? Why do I need a Specialist? It's just a finger.”

If you have a hand or upper extremity injury you may be lamenting these same questions.


We take for granted the health and well being of our hands and arms in our everyday lives. But when we experience a hand or arm injury or medical condition of the upper extremity it can have a serious impact on how we function. It can affect the way we care for our personal needs, perform our jobs and participate in our athletic and exercise activities.

Many people who have suffered what they thought was an insignificant hand or finger injury came to know the critical difference made by seeing a Hand Therapy Specialist.

Our hands, wrists, elbows and arms are part of an integrated complex of structures that make up our upper extremity. Each part of the upper extremity is dependent on the well functioning of the other parts. When we suffer an injury or develop a condition in one piece of the system, the whole system can be thrown out of sorts. The result can be a loss to the quality of our daily lives, work, and play. It can even impact the way we perceive ourselves in the eyes of others.

Your full recovery depends on finding the right therapist to treat your specific injury. Only a Hand Therapy Specialist has the skill, expertise and experience needed to treat the special needs of your upper extremity. We do not treat other parts of the body. We bring you the care that comes from years of advanced education, skill development and experience to meet the critical needs of your injury and your physician's demands.

A Hand Therapy Specialist will help you maximize the recovery from your injury, get your hand and upper extremity back to normal and teach how to prevent future injuries.

Choose Hand Therapy Specialists, P.C. for maximum recovery of your shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist or hand injury.

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