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Mind, Brain and Teaching Certificate
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Johns Hopkins University

Mind, Brain, and Teaching

Adviser: Mariale Hardiman, 410-516-8225

The 15-credit graduate certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching is designed for P-12 teachers, administrators, and student support personnel who seek to explore how research in the cognitive and neurosciences has the potential to inform the field of education. Courses will promote integration of diverse disciplines that investigate human learning and development.The proposed certificate builds upon basic and applied research from the fields of cognitive science, psychology and brain sciences, neurology, neuroscience, and education. It will provide educators with knowledge of cognitive development and how emerging research in the brain sciences can inform educational practices and policies.

Requirements (15 credits)*

  • Explorations in Mind, Brain, and Teaching
  • Fundamentals of Cognitive Development
  • Neurobiology of Learning Differences
  • Cognitive Processes of Literacy and Numeracy
  • Special Topics in Brain Sciences: Emotion, Memory, and Attention

*Note: This certificate program will commence in summer 2009 and online in fall of 2009.

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