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Lutheran Music of the 16th Century
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Composer Information

Early collections of choir music drew on the work of both Catholic and Lutheran composers. Among others, they included Johann Walter, the first cantor of the Lutheran church, and lesser-known composers such as:

  • Thomas Stolzer.
  • Balthasar Resinarius.
  • Ludwig Senfl.
  • Sixtus Dietrich.
  • Arnold von Bruck.

The second half of the 16th century saw significant contributions from composers such as:

  • Leonard Schroeter.
  • Joachim a Burck.
  • Leonard Lechner.
  • Johannes Eccard.
  • Gallus Dressler.
  • Seth Calvisius.

Among those setting the course for Lutheran music in the early 1500s, two musicians stand out for their unique contributions. The first is Johann Walter (1496-1570), Luther's friend and musical adviser. He was the first cantor

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