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North Shore Youth Symphony
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Welcome to the Northshore Youth Symphony Orchestra, Inc. (NYSO). Please browse this site to learn more about us, the programs we offer, the performances we give, news of interest to the orchestra, information about rehearsals and auditions, and the staff and board that direct and guide NYSO.

NYSO is made up of over 275 young
musicians from more than 39 North Shore, 
Merrimack Valley and southern
New Hampshire communities.

NYSO has the following ensembles:

  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Intermezzo Orchestra
  • Overture and Prelude String Ensembles
  • Wind Ensemble for Advanced Players
  • Flute Choir and Select Flute Choir
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Nyso Chorale
  • Lawrence Youth String Ensemble

Membership is by audition.

The Senior, Intermezzo and Prelude Orchestras meet every Monday afternoon during the school calendar year at Masconomet High School in Topsfield (Endicott Road, just off Route 95).

Special NYSO programs include:

  • Enrichment Days for the Senior and Intermezzo Orchestras and Prelude Strings (one Saturday afternoon per semester)
  • Chamber Music Program
  • Outreach Concerts


NYSO Goals - Mission Statement

The mission of the Northshore Youth Symphony Orchestra is to create the opportunity for young musicians to join a musical community that provides a nurturing and challenging learning environment, promotes excellence, and serves audiences through performance and outreach.

Membership is open to all students by audition regardless of race, creed, color, gender, handicap or financial status.   NYSO, Inc. is a not-for-profit (501c3) corporation and derives its funds through fees, contributions and grants.

Get better aquainted with us; read our brochure and  newsletter.

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