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Suzuki Method Is Wrongfully Under Fire
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Author: Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein
Character Assassination Does Nothing to Benefit Music

A buzz has started its way through the community of music education. Allegations that Shinichi Suzuki, creator of the Suzuki Method, lied about his musical training with Karl Klinger and friendship with Albert Einstein.

Musician and educator, Mark O’Connor, is spearheading this idea, and is thus far the only person laying claim to these allegations in a widely public forum. His latest opinions on the topic can be found here on his personal blog (no books or articles in critical journals have been published).

Shinichi Suzuki

..............In his blogs, O’Connor presents unsubstantiated claims, assumption, and hearsay in an attempt to “out” Shinichi Suzuki as what he views as an undereducated liar. Then he throws in some stuff about how terrible the Suzuki Method is itself.

Let’s get two things straight and move on: The worth of someone’s creative output is not dependent on the people they know, and ad hominem attacks are the cheapest form of argument.

The claims in O’Connor’s blogs are made flimsier still by the mission statement...........

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