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Does the World Need Another Classical Music Nonprofit?
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Does the World Need Another Classical Music Nonprofit?

Mike Scutari

Writer and music critic Lawrence A. Johnson recently launched the American Music Project (AMP), a nonprofit foundation that will focus 75 percent of its activity on supporting performances on existing American music and the remainder on commissioning new works from American composers. The project's goal is simple: to broaden the exposure of American classical composers to the public at large. But does the world really need another classical music nonprofit?

AMP's founder Johnson clearly thinks so, and his reasons for feeling this way are compelling. To quote Johnson, "It's been a constant source of frustration [to me] that we're not hearing more American repertoire, because I feel there is so much strong music out there." In other words, American classical composers aren't getting enough love and Johnson wants to fill the void. It's a noble intention and after we collectively nodded our heads in agreement, we then asked ourselves two questions: Do music-oriented nonprofits really ignore the American classical repertoire? And if so, why?


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