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Stress in the Orchestra
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Mood Plays a Part

Even professional orchestra musicians suffer from particular stress on the day of the concert and release more cortisol. For the first time it has now been possible to demonstrate that, amongst others, the enzyme myeloperoxidase, which is regarded as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, plays a part in the stress reaction in musicians. This effect is however dampened by an emotional factor: this is because a good mood reduces the stress-induced release of myeloperoxidase.

The musicians in the first violins and the conductor had on average higher myeloperoxidase levels not only at the dress rehearsal but also in the concert than all the other musicians together. (Credit: Medical University of Vienna)
This is the core result of a current joint study carried out by the Institute for Occupational Medicine at the MedUni Vienna, the MedUni Vienna Biobank (KILM) and the Health and Prevention Centre belonging to the health scheme for the employees of the City of Vienna. Here people are hoping for new approaches in stress research. Meanwhile, at the New Year's Concert in a few days' time, the good mood and ...........

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The above story is based on materials provided by Medical University of Vienna.

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Journal Reference:

  1. A. Pilger, H. Haslacher, E. Ponocny-Seliger, T. Perkmann, K. Böhm, A. Budinsky, A. Girard, K. Klien, G. Jordakieva, L. Pezawas, O. Wagner, J. Godnic-Cvar, R. Winker. Affective and inflammatory responses among orchestra musicians in performance situation. Brain, Behaviour and Immunity, December 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.bbi/2013.10.018

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